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1.02 – 28.02 Chuchi am Wasser, Wasserwerkstrasse 21, 8006 Zürich 079 2048045, see opening hours

Amino is a village on the east coast of Kyoto, in Japan. Surrounded by jungle, deep blue sea, singing sand and natural hot springs. Amino is the place where we visit our grandparents and get in touch with the vanishing traditional Life of Japans countryside.

The Ojichans (grandfathers) and Obaachans (grandmothers) that live in Amino, shared some of the old traditions and handcrafts that the perceive, with us. We want to share these precious knowledge and try to keep them alive in this way with you.

Amino in Zurich is a project to create a space with elements of Amino in Japan. While enjoying Japanese grandmother’s meals you can listen to the sounds of nature, as we find them there. Drinking tea and sake in an authentic Japanese way served by a tea specialist. Learn yourself about the way of cooking simple meals with rice in our workshops. By time, you can watch an old, old Japanese movie and dive into ancient Japan.

We offer  free Japanese lessons, simple cooking workshops and more.
Just come by, and let’s revive beautiful traditions.
We hope to see you soon in Amino and let us enjoy together.
Jaa, mata ne.
Mai & Juri & Junko

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Amino – a village at the East Coast of Kyoto Area in Japan

Grandmothers meal

Performances and movies from Junko Wada

Grandmothers meal


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