Mitsu is a village on the west coast of Kyoto, in Japan. Surrounded by jungle, deep blue sea, singing sand and natural hot springs. Amino is the place where we visit our grandparents and get in touch with the vanishing traditional Life on Japans countryside.

The Ojichans (grandfathers) and Obaachans (grandmothers) that live in Mitsu, shared some of the old traditions and handcrafts that they perceive with us. We want to share this precious knowledge and try to keep them alive in this way with you.

We believe that food is telling us about ancient history and the way we eat, shapes our traditions and perception of our surrounding. Preparing these beautiful and simple meals for you is our way to  share the beauty and richness we experience in the Japanese Countryside.

We hope you can enjoy it and be touched just as much as we are.

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Mitsu – a village at the west coast of Kyoto Area in Japan

Grandmothers meal

Grandmothers meal