We want to introduce you to Japanese grandmother meals as we experience them in the home cooking in the countryside of Kyoto. Vegetables at the peak of their taste, prepared in simple and tasteful ways. Selected fish together with steamed Japanese rice and miso soup. Japanese cuisine has so many palettes! By sharing these old food traditions we can keep them alive and even spread them to Switzerland. By enjoying our dishes, we also want to give you an inspiration for simple and good taste recipe options you can do yourself too! Come by and have a look at our daily (slightly changing) menu options.

We also offer organic Japanese tea by SEIUNDO and different selected Japanese alcoholic beverages from SATO, which will give you chance to drink as we do often in Japan.

A simple Lunch Meal will be offered to you in a Bento Box. Take out only. Onigiri and cake are available. 

Dinner is served at the restaurant between 18-21h.