kotobiki seasalt

Kotohiki Salt - the popular shioya ojichan

The salt factory in Mitsu, Kyotango

The shioya ojichan (salt grandfather) is a popular man in Mitsu. Actually, as there are only about seventy residents left, everybody is known by everybody in these days. Shioya ojichan used to make salt all by himself. Today his son helps him. In the morning they fill watertanks with seawater and bring it up to their salt factory. In the video, made by themself, you can see the water beeing boiled and separated from the salt. They are using wood from around this area, as there are a lot of trees.

In the second video you can see the separated salt being shoveld away from the oven. A few years ago local hotel bought and supported the salt factory and shioya ojichan sells his salt in some places in Amino. shioya ojichan has a very common hobby. He likes to sing karaoke while the salt is getting separated. His very newest acquisition is a popcorn machine. Whenever you walk in his factory he will hand you out a small portion of popcorn. If you would like to see his popcorn machine please check his facebook page. 

Shioya ojichan in front of his salt factory
Shioya ojichan, another villager, our brother Kay, Mai and Juri