CHF 250


Hand-painted blanket made of Chirimen Kimono silk, remade in Amino, Kyotango

Edo is the old name for Tokyo. Komon is a pattern with very small symbols in this case white dots. The komon-pattern was used for daily Kimonos. Rather for visiting a friend than for a ceremony. In the beginning Edo-Komon was worn by noble gentleman before it was more commonly used. As the template for coloring is not as big as the fabric, the template has to be moved many times. This moving is more difficult the smaller the symbols on the pattern. This pattern with the white dots is quite special, it is not among the regular Edo Komon patterns.

Writing on the blankets:

  • 江戸小紋 edo komon
  • 内田秀一 uchida shuuichi (designer)
  • 商標登録 shou hyou tou roku (article nr.)
  • 秘蔵極型江戸小紋 hizou kyokukata edo komon (secret treasury extreme pattern edo komon)

Dimensions: ca. 120cm x 180cm (+-2cm)

Material: 100% silk

Made in Japan

The blanket can be hand-washed with cold water, nevertheless a professional chemical cleaning is recommended as the weaving structure of Chirimen silk is very sensitive.

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