Kotohiki Seasalt with Ume (coarse, grobkörnig)

Kotohiki Salt is a natural Salt, using only clean water of the Japanese sea that gets woodfired. Kotohiki Sea-Salt is harvested from the beautiful beach called Kotohiki (singing sand beach) and produced in the small village Mitsu, on Kyoto`s seaside.You can feel the umami rich sea salt and the great flavor of Yuzu or Ume. Try Kotohiki sea-salt to bring out the best of full flavor for your onigiri, tomato or fish. Consumption of Salt is especially necessary in the hot summer months in Japan, to prevent heat strokes. Kotohiki Salt Factory has thus newly developed a small portable salt, for the very urgent purpose, as well as Salt Candy.

Learn more about the Salt Factory and the popular shioya ojichan.

Facts per 100g: 53kcal, Salt 80.5g, best before 11.12.2021, importiert durch Kollektivgesellschaft Momomai, 8045 Zürich



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