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The Kyotango set – perfect for making Miso soup. As a present or for yourself.

Rice-Miso (米味噌) by Riemon,

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Produced since many generations in the same production site in Amino, Kyotango.
Annually Keiko Yamazaki produces her Miso variation in the last traditional miso-manufacture in Amino. Riemon Miso contains a lot of Japanese rice, which comes from the nearby elevated area Yasaka (rice fields need a lot of water and areas with access to clean spring water produce high quality rice).

(Keiko Yamazaki has a lot of local demand for her Misopaste, nevertheless she seems to be the last person to persue the Riemon Miso production).

Saimiso (菜味噌) by Riemon, present as trial,

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A strongly flavored sticky Miso made of barley, rice, soybeans and vegetable cuts, that is also produced by Keiko Yamazaki.
It’s a suitable spice or seasoning to cooked Japanese rice or on steamed vegetables. Saimiso is a local speciality that carries the flavor of Kyotango‘s harvest.

Handpicked and sundried wild Wakame from Mitsu village

Young wakame seaweed from the Japanese ocean at the village Mitsu, harvested by hand. Fresh wakame is collected on early spring days during low tide (and strong sun, to accelerate fast drying) with a sickle from the stones that they are attached to. Young wakame seaweeds are tender and numerous available in the ocean. They need to be separated from their hard lower part and then dried for one day under the sun. Wakame are naturally salty and suitable in soup, on rice (dried) or vegetables or in salad (soaked).

(Hand-picked during early spring 2022 by Yae, the sister of our grandmother)

Organic shojin dashi (精進出汁)

Dashi in bags; made of powdered kombu seaweed (Hokkaido) and dried shiitake (Japan). Simple dashi broth is easily and fast prepared without any additives.

(Shojin relates to the strict way of life of buddhist monks, which among many renouncements includes a vegan diet)

Natural herbal tea (万能茶)

Aromatic tea made of 16 plants and herbs (or herbal parts) that are mostly from Japan. Strong, warming flavor, beneficial for the body and caffeine free.

(This is the favorite tea of our grandmother. She drinks it before and after meals and in any season the herbal tea is part of her daily routine)

corn / barley / habu (seeds of senna obtusifoli) / soybeans / wheat / dokudami (houttuynia) / kaki leaf / oolong / lyceum berries / licorice / mispel leafs / teng / mulberry / amachazuru (gynostemma pentaphyllum)


Our set is wrapped in a handmade Furoshiki silk towel. Assembling traditional Japanese silk fabric leftovers – a new towel is created to keep your precious materials inside, on top or underneath. We have different Furoshiki‘s. We will add the Furoshiki to the set by chance.

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