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Mitsu Sea Salt

Soft seasalt from the Japanese sea by Mitsu, Kyotango (琴引浜の塩)

Slowly over woodfire extracted mineral rich salt from the Japanese sea. Seawater gets pumped up by the shore of Mitsu – every day the water is brought in canisters to a small wooden house on the hill, that is also located in Mitsu. The high-quality wood from destructed houses in the area is used to create a strong fire, which slowly evaporates the seawater. In several steps  the mineral rich grains of seasalt are slowly extracted and can finally be enjoyed and nurture the body.

Mitsu‘s small marine salt production is led by 86-old Shiojichan. He can be met twice a week from 2-4pm in the beautiful distillery and its adjacent tiny store. During winter months if you are lucky steamed sweet potatoes seasoned with the local seasalt are served and can be eaten whilst having the sound of wood fire; a uniquely tasty experience!

Can all be sent with small packet or envelope.