Nuno Zouri

Nuno Zouri, handmade sandals from recycled futon fabric.

We found this Zouri in Amino, ten minutes from Mitsu. They are produced purely by Shibugaki-san. She is an older woman and has a lot of knowledge about fabrics. Anyway Zouri are traditionally made out of Rice straw. Rice farmers had a lot of straw left and made Zouris during wintertime to earn some extra money. As rice farmers started to use machines to harvest rice they did not collect the rice-straw anymore. In recent years there is a lot of fabrics surplus. So people started to use fabrics for Zouris. The color combinations became very creative and Nuno Zouri quite popular house shoes in Japan. As a frame a laminated string is used. The fabrics is twistet around the string in a very complicated way.

The Nuno Zouri can be washed with the lowest water temperature possible. If you wear a Zouri your toes are getting spread which is a good therapy for your foot as it normally gets squeezed by tight shoes or socks. If you order a Nuno Zouri you can chose from a bright or a dark pattern. Please also fill in your foot length and width in cm in the comment field at checkout. We will order and ship your Nuno Zouri as fast as possible.

Production time: about 1 Week

Weight: 500g

Zouri are also available in kids and oversize size.