Ricebag transformed into a handbag

In Amino there is a popular ricefarmer. People say his rice is very good. Even our mother always takes home a few kilos of this rice. In winterseason Amino is very famous for its tasty crabs. People from all over Japan visit Amino and stay in one of the very expensive Ryokans to eat Crabs. The bones and all the rest of the crabs are then brought to the ricefarmer who puts them on his ricefields. And thats the secret of the exceptional taste of this rice. After harvesting the rice the ricefarmer puts the rice in beautiful brown ricebags and drives it to his customers. One of the customers is our grandmother. After pouring the rice in a storage-machine my sister took the rice bags and transformed it to this beautiful handbags. Just for fun we created a commercial video for these handbags.

The handbags are only available on request. Please contact us if you are interested.


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