japanische bio soya sauce

Sakacho Shoyu

Traditional, handcrafted dark soysauce made by Sakacho Brewery in Amino, Kyotango.

Sakacho brewery exists since three generations from the beginning of 1920, and their products are loved by Amino locals, city visitors and chefs.

There are 3 types of Sakacho shoyu:

Koikuchi shoyu, regular shoyu that is dark and strong. It is great to enhance the flavor in cooked dishes.

Usukuchi shoyu, thin and mild shoyu, light-brown. It is good for fine and delicate seasoning, to keep the color of cooked dishes and the ingredients own taste.

Sashimi shoyu, thick and dark texture, deep aroma and of premium quality through its long fermentation. To use for sushi and sashimi, can be used as well to season and cook.

100% natural, no additives.

1 L bottle, can be stored in room temperature.