best futon for sleeping
sato futon
futon schlafsofa
futonmatratze traditionell
futon bestellen
best futon for sleeping
japanese floor mattress
futon covers with zipper
futon polstermatte
japanische bodenmatratze
futon deutsch
Futon 140x200
Futon Schweiz
Japanische Futonmatratze
Japanischer Futon

Japanese Futon

Handcrafted traditional Futon from Amino, Kyotango

Noriko and Yuichi are producing Futons in the third generation. Yuichi learned from his father and grandfather but also went to Tokyo to learn from the then called best Futonmaker in Japan. When he returned to Amino the local Kimono production experienced a very high demand attracting many workers from all over Japan – and they all came without a Futon. In that time Noriko and Yuichi had to produce twenty Futons a day. “I might be the man who produced the most Futons in Japan alive” he says smiling. In their production they use a special mix of Indian and Mexican cotton. They clean and soften the cotton with a special machine. Afterwards the soft cotton get placed on a cotton fabric. “If you look at the corner of a Futon you can immediately see if the Futonmaker is good or bad”, Yuichi says. And if you look at Noriko and Yuichis Futon you will realize how beautiful the corners are made. As Futons are originally invented in Japan you probably find the best Futon in Japan, don‘t you think? And maybe as Noriko and Yuichi have produced so many Futons in the highest Quality possible, they might produce one of the best Futon worldwide.

In the beginning the Futon is soft but as it will adjust to your body it will harden over time. According to Noriko your body should be flat, while sleeping. Having a too soft underground will lead to tensions. Another advantage of the Futon is it‘s ability to roll or fold up during daytime. So it can dry out completely preventing the growing of mold. The Futon comes in a 100% cotton cover, designed and produced in Kyoto. The cover is like a molleton and can be washed. Above the cover you can strain a normal bed sheet. The Futon can be placed on western bedframes and lath floors or on Tatami-mats (soon available in our shop).

Possible patterns open here

Possible sizes:

– single, 100cm x 205cm, 6.2 kg (fits regular 200cm bedframe)

– double, 140cm x 205cm, 8kg

– baby sizes and oversize possible

Delivery time:

– By ship 1-2 month (50-70 CHF, worldwide possible)

– By plane 2 weeks (150-200 CHF, worldwide possible)

Price is excl. shipping, excl. VAT

See the full production video here