10. Narrow Street

This is the car we usually use when we are in Japan. I don‘t know the brand but according to the writing on the back-door it‘s name is MOVE. I‘m still not sure if I like the name. Anyway it was our grandfathers biest 

After we visited the salt-factory I wanted to show my sister one of my dream houses. It is located right under the bypass. So we turned left to see the nice house with the nice ocean view. 

sadly not our car
Isn‘t it lovely? One of my dream houses...

When my sister saw the house she was like: «It‘s nice yes but…» and then many reasons why she would not buy it. Anyway we decided to follow the street as we had another appointment in the village.

looks like a nice road to follow
gets narrow - but hey the other car also made it...

The narrow streets have deep hollows on the side. It is a bit scary to drive here. But we thought as we have such a small car we can make it. Actually we had to drive further as to drive backwards is even worse and almost impossible!

finally we came to a parking but instead of returning we continued the narrow street. Why?
It gets more and more narrow
Here we lost faith...

… and decided to drive backwards to the parking, turn and drive the normal road like everyone else does. I was scared of the little canal on the left side of the street. I did not see the hollow on the right side, starting to get deeper and deeper. 

finally we reached the parking and I startet to turn but got over the edge of the street and with a loud wumms the left front weel landed in the deep hollow. Our car called Move could not move anymore. I started to become deeply desperate about the situation. Luckily (at least this time) you are never unobserved in Mitsu. Some villagers immediately came to help and brought many tools with them. And after an hour or so the car was back on the road. One guy told us that he can drive this road but we should better take the normal street. Of course we were ashamed and feared our grandmother and mothers reaction. But they were just laughing because this happens to everyone at least once driving in the Japanese countryside. Our grandmother was even happy because she knew one person who helped, immediately grabed the phone called the person and went, as there was no reason for it for a long time, for a visit. 

A year later I was jogging through the village and decided to have a look at one of my dream houses. As I was already exhausted (after about 10min) I walked down the narrow street again and noticed a new board, even with an english sentence: ALL CARS STOP!

same day pictures. What a sky.
I thought you might wanna see it too