We were lucky to encounter one of the worlds best Futonmakers. They live 10 minutes from our grandmothers village. 


One of our longterm friends in our grandmothers village is shiojichan (saltgrandfather). He used to make Obis, the belt of a Kimono. After retirement he started to produce salt. We still hope to join him one day to sing Karaoke together. 

Bento January 2022

In January 2022 we made another Bento project. We prepared dishes all following the recipes of Soei Yoneda. Her vegan and seasonal recipes can be found in the book called “Good food from a japanese temple.” We reproduced the Bento at our mothers kitchen to film the process of creating a Bentobox. We also added a piece of Makrel which is not vegan. We also added some video-sequences we took at the project itself. You will recognize it hearing the techno music in the background.