Accordion Content

We saw an image of a squid about 10 years ago. We thought it is beautiful but the artist who took the picture asked for 1000 Francs. We could not afford it so we draw a Jellyfish ourself. We made a picture and also animated it with Animate CC. The difficulty was the iteration. So the end position of the Jellyfish should be the same as in the start. Did not really work. 

Why Jellyfish? The image of a Jellyfish in the deep and opaque water, blind without any obvious orientation reflects a view of human life. 

beautiful jellyfish moving
Accordion Content

We draw this Noren and tried to animate it with animate cc. It actually worked and the Noren opened with scrolling. After the Noren opened the «way to Mitsu» starts. Also with scrolling. The street is hand-copied from google-street-view. The original purpose was to have a street and different shops on the left and right in which you can enter. The animation actually worked but it was to difficult to add links to the drawings. Click on the Noren to see the draft.