Futon und Tatami in einem Haus am Japanischen Meer

Futon Produktionsvideo

Tatami Produktionsvideo

Kani mit Mizuno

«We’re jammin‘To think that jammin› was a thing of the pastWe’re jamminy‘And I hope this jam is gonna last»

I still can‘t believe it was our last jam
Bye Mizuno  

Sakura 2023

Stars on High

Tawashi - best tool from Japan

Wakame with our Aunt

Futon & Tatami in einer Schweizer Villa

Futon & Thut in a Swiss Villa

Futon Erklärung von einer Futonmacherin


Accordion Content

We saw an image of a squid about 10 years ago. We thought it is beautiful but the artist who took the picture asked for 1000 Francs. We could not afford it so we draw a Jellyfish ourself. We made a picture and also animated it with Animate CC. The difficulty was the iteration. So the end position of the Jellyfish should be the same as in the start. Did not really work. 

Why Jellyfish? The image of a Jellyfish in the deep and opaque water, blind without any obvious orientation reflects a view of human life. 

Accordion Content

We draw this Noren and tried to animate it with animate cc. It actually worked and the Noren opened with scrolling. After the Noren opened the «way to Mitsu» starts. Also with scrolling. The street is hand-copied from google-street-view. The original purpose was to have a street and different shops on the left and right in which you can enter. The animation actually worked but it was to difficult to add links to the drawings. Click on the Noren to see the draft.

Remake of a Japanese Futon

This Futon was used for 40 years in our grandmothers house. In November 2022 we decided to let Yuichi remake it. The Futon was then remade like a new one. 

November 2022

Dry a Japanese Futon

Wie man einen Futon einfach an der Sonne trocknet.

September, 2023

Mozuku - how to pick and prepare Japanese seaweed with a comb

April 2023


At Setsubun you put a grilled Aji (Fish) outside in hope that Onis (sort of Japanese Devils) don‘t visit your house. Also in the house you throw beans and yell: all Oni out, luck in. Afterwards you eat Jawamushi. Good tradition I think.

February 2023

A small seasalt production in Kyotango

Kotobiki sea salt became quiet popular in the recent days. We even saw it getting sold at Kawaramachi in Kyoto. Anyway we are very happy to know Shiojichan and also went to Karaoke with him many times. Video was from 2020 so it was still mandatory to wear mask.

October 2020

Umeboshi - explained and made by senmon Kazumi

May 2023

A Postcard of Takano

The rocks at Takano are about 15 million years old. They are a popular subject of postcards.

July 2023

Akibare - Nice fall weather

It was warm in the end of November so we filmed a bit around Kotobikihama. The Onsen is a natural spring with extremly healthy water. 

November 2022

Futon and Thut in a Swiss Villa

October 2023

Futon and Tatami Set in a Swiss Villa

October 2023