Various vegetables grown by Obaachans
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From Osaka Airport, we are driving on the highway to Kyotango on the eastern coast of Kyoto Prefecture. On the way, we stop at the Tamba city roadside. The stop is crowded, due to its large selection on local farmers products, as well as Bento and Souvenirs that we can only find there. Tamba is part of the area of Kyotamba, connecting Kyoto city to northern Kyoto to the seaside and famous for its highlands. One hour later we arrive in Kyotango and soon to our house in Asobi Village. Now, we are in the place that feels surrounded by only insects, woods and water.

Asobi Village

Want so see view from Asobi?

Sushi Set at Tamba Station using Black Beans Rice
How about camping here?
Bouquet of chilli
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