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At nighttime, bright lights are visible on the dark ocean. The light emitting spots are Calamar fishing boats. With their light bulbs, they attract the big eyed Calamars (japanese ika) easily to their boat.

The lights are there until dawn, and then disappear in the horizon. In the morning they return to one port in the area that is still active. Small ports are suffering of decreasing fish catch, as well as the lack of young fisherman. Sepia are so various in their shape, color, structure and size. Once they are in the supermarket, packed in plastic and with price, it is hard to connect these animals and their being with the place they were taken from just a few hours ago.

In the following quiet nights the lights are there again. We are wondering, how many sepia are left.

Fishing boats at night, catching summer Sepia
Fishermans hall at Asamogawa Port
Where are the fishermen?
fishing season
Can you see the lights to attract the Ikas?
Far away from what it is: Ika

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