Momen Tofu forms with pressure from stones

Tofu has a long history in Japan and there used to be many producers of tofu. With the rise of industrially produced tofu and big supermarkets, as well as increasing availability of other protein sources (such as meat) there are few tofu productions left in Kyoto City. Everyday, except Sunday, At 3.30am Dote, his wife and his mother start with steaming the soaked soy beans. Successively different tofu are made (their water content is crucial). At 8am most of their products are ready to be delivered.
Part of the tofu they keep for their small shop in an old fashioned shopping street in western Kyoto City. As Dote san s father Susumu san recently retired (at age of 72), he will continue making tofu with his wife, as long as there is demand. For the first time, we can enjoy handmade fried tofu sheets. Dipped in a bit of soy sauce they are infinitely delicious. We are so grateful to have been enabled to get to know them and see their beautiful work.

Silken Tofu released in water
Making tofu in the 3rd generation
momen tofu cuts for inari
Michiko is working since 40years in the tofu shop of her husband
Momen Tofu that will be fried for Age
Okara that is left when making Tofu
Fried age dipped with Ponzu
What kind of decoration is it?


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